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The Lastest news from JLS.

Monday, September 26, 2022

JLS Associates Announces Full Service Support for First Data's Product Control File

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - JLS Associates has announced that it is offering full service support for First Data Corp's Product Control File. Full service support includes everything from original setup of a client's Product Control File to daily maintenance. JLS Product Control File experts provide this comprehensive support locally or remotely.

"The client makes the choice," says Jerry Straessle, managing director of JLS, a management consulting firm specializing in the credit and debit card industries. "If they require daily or even more frequent interaction, clients tend to ask for a local, on-site presence. In many cases, however, we provide full service support remotely via dial up access and communicate with clients through email and telephone."

Off-site work is more economical for the client, Straessle relates, but stresses that clients who require frequent interaction benefit from full service support on a more personal level from JLS personnel who are on-site and immediately available for conferences, etc.

Specific Product Control File activities JLS Associates personnel perform for its Client base include:

  • Initial build of Product Control File
  • Account Level Pricing Strategy Builds
  • Transaction Level Pricing Strategy builds
  • Day to Day Parameter Value Maintenance
  • New Product Introduction Pricing Strategy Entry
  • Periodic Audit and Best Practices Review of All Parameter Values

JLS Associates uses proprietary databases to manage its Product Control File efforts. These databases work with First Data System file and report outputs to minimize the effort involved in reviewing a large number of SYSTEM/PRIN/AGENT (SPAs) or pricing combinations to ensure consistency throughout the Product Control File. These databases also produce FDR Form 800 for Clients that require large-scale changes to multiple cards and fields in the offline section of the Product Control File. Straessle notes that many clients request assistance from JLS Associates in the event of unexpected turnover in their processor systems group, or when they have an unusually heavy new product introduction schedule. He adds that JLS is very flexible when working with these temporary client needs and can usually provide personnel on short notice.

Companies with both short and long-term Product Control File needs should contact Jerry Straessle directly at 888-576-2022 or email him at

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